About Ashes At Sea

We would like to introduce and welcome you to you our web site “Ashes At Sea” for the Sunshine Coast Region.


Ashes At Sea is a service directory portal.  Designed to offer assistance to families and friends with their search for the need of a charter vessel and skipper for the purpose of the scattering of their loved ones Ashes at sea.

Ocean funerals and scattering of ashes at sea are proving and becoming very popular, especially for families of loved ones that have had an affiliation with the sea all their lives, whether it be vocational or just a recreational pleasure.

It is also a way to carry out their loved ones wishes of their ashes being scattered on the ocean.Flower for Ashes At Sea

For your loved ones scattering of ashes, we can provide fully licensed skippers and their charter boats to help you form your circle of remembrance with your immediate family and friends.

It is a heartfelt way to say goodbye to our loved one’s by having an aquatic send off and releasing of their ashes to continue on their journey to the end of time on the “tides of the sea”.

We also put you in contact with a celebrant who can also provide a touching service and be of assistance to offer words of comfort and a final prayer or speech, as the ashes of your loved one are released.